Duo Angélus 
Duo Angélus unites two multi-instrumentalists who have individually performed their music all across France.
Aurélie Monjanel is as at ease on the piano keys as she is on the organ keyboards.
Vincent Courion plays as well on traditional clarinets as he plays on the bass clarinet or the basset horn.
Aurélie Monjanel and Vincent Courion attract all types of audiences with their sincereness and their generosity.
These two talented musicians are committed to making a difference--they are supported by the association Kiosque à Musique, bringing the joy of their music to audiences in need such as those in hospitals.

Aurélie Monjanel 
Initially trained as a pianist, Aurélie Monjanel obtained the Musical Studies Diploma in 2001 at the National Music School of Marne-la-Vallée.
She holds first prizes for piano with unanimous highest honors from the jury, as well as for chamber music, sightreading, musical analysis, and music theory. She regularly plays in the heart of various types of music groups: duets, trios, one-piano four hands, as well as two-piano four hands.
Aurélie is particularly fond of transmitting her musical knowledge and currently teaches in two music schools in the Lyon region.
...and organist
In 2001, Aurélie became passionate for another keyboard instrument: the organ. She thus studied at the Paris Conservatory and refined her playing at the Grenoble Conservatory.
Aurélie Monjanel has been regularly playing the organ at the Temple du Change in Lyon since 2006.

Vincent Courion 
Vincent Courion has obtained highest honors (first prize in both clarinet and chamber music) from the conservatories of Lille, Versailles, and Paris. His studies at the Lyon National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance triumphantly ended in 2005 by the National Superior Music Diploma with highest honors and congratulations from the jury.
His activity as a chamber musician was awarded by his obtention of the National Superior Chamber Music Diploma in 2007 with highest honors.
Vincent is a complete musician, passionate about contemporary music, and has met numerous contemporary composers.
In addition to playing the traditional clarinets, he particularly enjoys playing the deep, warm sounds of the bass clarinet and the basset horn.
Since 2003, Vincent has been a clarinetist in the heart of the prestigious orchestra of the “Musique des Gardiens de la Paix” in Paris and regularly performs with the Orchestra National de Lille and the Orchestre National de Lyon.
He holds the French State Diploma and the clarinet teacher Aptitude Certificate, and teaches in Décines in the Rhône department of France.
Vincent Courion is a laureate of the ADAMI scholarship and of the Société Générale bank patronage.
Photo: Carole Bellaiche
Picture: Laurent Cooper