Private Concerts 
The private concerts of Duo Angélus are designed for:
  • Hotels: to create a service designed to secure the loyalty of your clients, on a regular basis or for specific events
  • Event planners: to propose upscale concerts for your clients
  • Businesses: to put into light and value the image of your business or brand by organizing a private concert to liven up a meeting or a conference
  • Institutions and local government: to make an evening party ideal, to inaugurate a public place
  • Individuals: you can welcome Duo Angélus in your home or in the place of your choice and share a unique moment with the musicians in the spirit of conviviality.
Duo Angélus can function by contract, and can call on a service provider that takes care of all of the administrative aspects for you (treatment of musicians’ salaries, URSSAF...).  

Educational Concerts 
Duo Angélus proposes students from the age of six to twelve to discover chamber music and different clarinets. Through a repertoire of original pieces and transcriptions that mix music, singing, and storytelling, the musicians of Duo Angélus propose a lively and captivating musical voyage.

Audiences in Need 
The musical events for audiences in need of Duo Angélus are for inpatients (adults and children) and the elderly in medical and non-medical rest homes.
For the patients, caregivers and companions, it is a time for sharing, with multiple resonances. Duo Angélus provides a music program adapted to the environment in which it performs (private room, hallway, game room ...).

“Duo Angélus performed in the lobby of the hospital to the joy of everyone: hospitalized children who had been taken down from their rooms by the caretakers or the youth workers, nurses, families, and visitors attracted by the music that was resonating in this big hall!
The clarinet and the piano enchanted each one of them. Thanks to Vincent, the children participated in guessing the heroes of the cartoons from the music that was played.
Thank you Vincent and Aurélie for the quality of your service: you have permitted all the audience, young and old, to forget the hospital atmosphere for a moment, and to benefit from the joy brought by your music.”
Brigitte Maurer, in charge of the association of the Hospital Libraries of Lyon 
Monday June 21, Festival of Music at the Bron Mother-Child hospital

It is very rare that the residents of retirement homes really want to “retire.” They live there because they couldn’t do otherwise. The city environment is not adapted to people who have trouble getting from one place to another, climbing stairs, carrying packages, caring for themselves, or doing the tasks needed to live in a house, an apartment... The world goes too fast, it’s true. It’s necessary to find a calmer rhythm, it’s true. But more than ever these people want to be present in the world, and for the world to be present for them! The time? They have it. And if someone comes to offer them a melody, a cadence, they are filled with happiness.
It’s true, I had hesitated to ask Aurélie and Vincent Courion to take the time to come out for this audience. Was it too much to ask? They convinced me that it was not a problem at all. They are the ones who want to come meet these people. The staff helps by inviting and bringing the residents to the concert, and everyone comes together. And when the music starts, there is something that happens, and it overwhelms us. Mouths hum, ears open (even stubborn ears!), faces brighten. Aurélie and Vincent don’t pretend. They are simply there. No need for words. What is transmitted is of another order, and it resounds deeply in our hearts. Music is breath, it’s desire, it’s life. We want more, and we ask for more!
When they come, there is something Angelic. There is something Angélus.
Thank you Messengers. Thank you musicians.
Franck Nespoulet, pastor and chaplain 
after the concert February 17, 2010 at Résidence Morlot in Lyon
Photo: Carole Bellaiche
Picture: Laurent Cooper